I been thinking about songs by seminal UK punk group “Chelsea” Probably won’t go over well here, you have to have your ears sharpened, or blunted, or whatever to like this stuff, but I have an appreciation for it. I was thinking about some of these old songs, so I just looked a few up to share here.

I don’t know what half the lyrics are, or what the songs are about, can’t find the lyrics online, cos they’re too obscure – I sort of like that in my music, it seems to add to that secret exclusivity.

Anyhow, the singer is called Gene October – that’s a cool name! Also, I think he has something to say, something a bit unusual, and a bit odd perhaps – 

what on earth this one is about I have no real clue, but it does seem to be about something

What would you do?

This one is like a bit dark, like the Doors or something, not typical punk style really

Look at the Outside

Here’s another dark one, really dark!

No Flowers

This ones even darker, its like punk blues man!

The Loner

They done a cover of Many Rivers! Shit, that’s not typical punk at all! Its not that good, but its quite sweet I think

Many Rivers

This one is probably my fav, a real belter – flat out good song! It sounds really 70’s – I don’t think later generations had this energy 🙂 The drumming towards the end is cracking! I like punk music the way jazz officianados like their jazz!

Don’t get me Wrong

Here’s a good anthem song to round off this post 

Come On


WTF is up with these people?

I was trying to read some poetry in another window while this was going on!

First he’s having a go at Judas, and now he’s having a go at a priest!

I don’t even know what this one is about

They’re all big productions tho aren’t they? There’s some money behind all that – I find it rather derivative and anyhow, who needs it? I mean really?

I don’t really care for that much do you? I like to know what’s going on out there, but this just seems silly and superfluous – good luck to them though, perhaps they’ll find their nemesis, or whatever it is they’re looking for, zenith – perhaps I don’t know what those words mean?

Well, I was just thinking:

Haha, that’s more like it!

I was thinking about some stuff earlier, but its all bollocks really, it is what it is, isn’t it! LOL Its for the LOL’s! Hope everyones having / had a good day 🙂

90’s chill . . .

I was trying to remember this song, then I found it!

Groove Armada – At the River

Anyhow, I found that one, cos I’d bookmarked it some place, then I got thinking about getting a compilation of this sort of stuff to listen to, and found this collection called Pure Relaxation – a lot of the tracks are brill!

Here’s 3 more that I just thought, oh yeah! I remember that one!

Morcheeba – The Sea

Smoke City – Underwater Love

Kinobe – Slip into something comfortable

There’s some shite on the 3rd disk in particular, but for £3. 2nd hand, I regard it as a bargain! I went on to order “Anthems Electronic 90’s” by Ministry of sound – its a bit more lively, but only a little! I must be getting old! 😀 😀

Phil Collins – On a Motorbike!

When I was about 19, I had this great big 750 Suzuki motorbike, it was an R reg, so it was pretty old, a bit vintage really, but it went ok, you could go over 100mph on it easy, so I got this job doing despatch riding – what an experience! I lived in Bedford, about 50 miles from London, so most deliveries went to London, but we also got some nice jobs up north, and east and west. Anyhow, I was just thinking about one of my first trips to London, I had to deliver something to somewhere near London Wall, which is an area. I didn’t know where it was, so obvs I had to look it up on a map, cos there were no GPS or anything, so I set off for the motorway, about 15 miles of burning rubber later, I was on it – flying along in the fast lane “Hell for Leather” as they say. Most of the guys who worked there were nuts, and I was no exception. I have no idea why they passed me on my test, it was a license for insanity, like giving a murderer a presentation axe on release day!

So they told me to go down the A41 or whatever it was, I can’t remember, if you’re going west London, you go A5, and turn right at Marble Arch, after that you’re fucked! If you’re going east, its A41, then there’s the North Circular, east and west, the South Circular, and Marylebone road, or the Seven Sisters road – what about that! Cor blimey, watch out for the Old Kent Road! There’s London Bridge, (which isn’t the one you think it is, and there’s Vauxhall, (we were always going there) and the Elephant and Castle! Me old China! 

I drove past Buckingham palace loads of times, never saw the Queen, I expect she was peeping out from behind the curtains saying “Phil – look at that lunatic!”

Anyhow, I found Marylebone, its like an inner city ring road, you go past Kings Cross & St Pancras, familiar with those from train journeys, after that, you just follow the flow of traffic until your’e completely and utterly lost! Its a great job doing despatch – really interesting! Never a dull moment, what with all the taxis everywhere yelling out greetings like “Get out the bloody way” and “Bloody idiot!” 

Anyhow, I found the place eventually, I think I had to ask quite a few people cos the street had vanished, they’d built a factory on it and renamed it or something – it was quite easy getting home, because there’s signs that say A1 – M1 The North – I always loved the way when you’re in a city, it says vague things like that – its always much easier getting out, than getting in – unless you end up in a giant shopping centre car park like I did one time. When you see that sign, “The North” you think yeah! And open up the throttle!!

Anyhow, enough of all that, here’s some Phil Collins songs – I was watching something about his hits the other day, but they missed all the best ones!

UK Subs!

I’m so tired – I just had a week off, but because I had to get my bike wheels fixed, I spent most of it worrying about that. Nothing worries me like motorbike maintenance – its a nightmare, I’d rather boil my head! So, it’s time for new tyres, but there’s corrosion on the rims, so they needed powder coating, which means £80 for that £360 for tyres!!! Christ, I bought whole bikes for less than that in the past – also, had to take off the disks and replace the bearings, which isn’t that hard, but can go wrong – it went ok, but now I’m tired.

Anyhow, thank god its over – 

I just been listening in the bath to this “Jayda G”  DJ Kicks album (on band camp), I got to say its a bit unusual, sort of soul funk dance, not heard owt like that of late! I sort of like it – its not my sort of thing, I don’t know how you’d dance to that without losing your shit? 

I might buy the album, that one is the opening track.

Nah then, when I was young, I was a fan of the UK Subs, I saw them many times in many places – they were huge in 1980, biggest punk band in the UK – the UK subs is short for Subversive!

My mate liked this one, the way he goes “Go down Piccadilly” He sounds right cockney! It sure is a good song!

Here’s their biggest hit “Teenage”

I took this photo, Singer Charile Harper was posing for the shot, I was standing on a table, taking ages & he yelled down the mic “Come on David Bailey!” (He’s a famous photographer)

I quite like this summer song by Harry Stiles I think – I’m not going to see him live tho, the Subs are coming to Sheffield later this year – still going strong!


I just watched the film “Possession” By Cronenbergs son – pretty good, one of those films where you’re thinking back to that time you killed a bunch of people, then instead of covering it up properly, you left loads of easy clues for the cops to follow, in a blind panic – yeah, life’s like that! Good film actually, but I was thinking of music, for some reason, these 2 songs, I just had to seek them out and play them, thus the blog share!

This was totally out of the blue! I’m hankering to listen to a whole bunch of music – haven’t heard that Police one for years – I thought it was Sting. – it took me about 10 mins to ID the Fuckbuttons song – its that sound, very emotive – the Police one is good too 🙂

Being and Nothingness!

There was a milestone today in my life, I had this problem with my rear mudguard, (fender) on the motorbike, it just rattles about a bit, its the fixings and fittings are worn out, so I found out I could buy this part for only about £30, so I got it, and it arrived the next day, today, so I decided to fit it right away, since I had the whole week off, it seemed like a good idea, but then when I got it off, I couldn’t remove the indicators without wrecking them, so in the end, I decided to give up on it for now – its too cold to work outdoors, and I need the bike for work next week, so anyhow, I put it all back together, then the rear light wasn’t working, so I had to take it all apart again, and find the broken wire, fix that, then put it all back together all over again – so you see my problem? Its been difficult – now I have to drink loads of beer to drown my sorrows on this matter –  its hardly important, I’ll have another go at it when the weather warms up, or if I can source some cheap replacement indicators. The thing is, its a major life changing event for me, comparatively to anything else that happened in the last 12 months or so at least, I don’t really need this kind of bullshit in my life, its not what I dreamed of – ok?

The cats that used to come round here everyday for snacks disappeared this week – its extraordinary, perhaps I’m missing them? They been here every day for a couple of years, first the black and white one vanished about 4 months ago, no idea where too – but she wasn’t so regular in the last few months, so I expect she found a new address to visit, also, she was pretty fat anyhow, so I reckon she was doing ok – the 2 boys were both really skinny, and were here all the time, so perhaps the guy who owned them moved out? I have no idea – weird! 

I did a lot of music, its all crap, but I’m enjoying it, so I shall post some of that before long, on a motorbike video, I finished one last week, and uploaded it – it took ages – but it never appeared on youtube, I don’t know why, but my computer is a bit crippled – so it could be to do with that, not sure.

The cat is sprawled out in front of the fire, I trouble her from time to time and she’s like WTF man? Leave me alone! 

I have no real idea what the meaning is of this song, its not been troubling me really, I don’t care what its about, I wonder why he shouts out “Suffragette?” half way through?

Ah, this makes much more sense!

The Stranglers used to perform at weddings before they got famous for punk rock! Bit of pop trivia there! 😀

Gimmie dat rock n’ roll!!

I’m Not Mad – I’m Primitive!

When I try to make industrial or drone like music on my iPad or computer I keep finding myself thinking of the bass line in “I’m not mad” by Alien Sex Fiend, or the lead guitar sound in “Primitive” by Killing Joke! Its so strange, cos these 2 tunes keep surfacing in my mind, its been going on for months, even a few years – they’re both very good, but why these 2 songs? They’re embedded in my brain – not that I base my life on them or anything like that, its the tuneage – just really really good! I like other stuff of this sort too, but its these 2 songs. That keep disrupting my flow, I’ll think hmm, whats a good tune? And its one or other of these 2 – almost as if they were the only 2 of that sort – I like a lot of what Hawkwind did, but its not them that I go to for a good melody – its

“I’m Not Mad”

Or its


The Flower Gun!

Monday was the most depressing day of the year, its called Blue Monday, cos most people get the most depression on that day, its because its the darkest day I think someone said there is only about 8 mins of daylight, and everything is crap.

Its good to have a talent, if you only have a skill, that means you just know how to do something, you can’t develop it into anything more, because its already what it is, whereas with a talent, its more like a seed, you want to nurture that properly. If all you got is a seed, and someone teaches you to think of it as a skill, they mess it up for you. That might have grown into something incredible and beautiful, but they messed that up for you instead, the idiots!

So anyhow, its so depressing, cos I woke up this morning, and I thought how old am I? 57? That can’t be right, cos thats almost 60, so I must be 47, and that can’t be right, I must be younger than that – I know I’m not 22, those were good times! Fuck yeah, being 22, well you got the world a your feet baby, who’s going to stop me? No one – thats who!

So if I’m 57, isn’t it about time I did something amazing with my talent? Like invent a new kind of gun, that shoots flowers & petals! Everyone would love it – everyone would buy my gun, or make their own, for free! I’d be a hero! Everyone would have these flower guns, and they’d all be saying, oh yeah, he invented the flower gun, and peace and love ruled the world instead of morons and idiots! 

Who loves you pretty baby?

How to kick drugs!

When you had far too many mushrooms, and its past 2 or 3am,  and you are alone, in your room, looking out the windows, time slows down, to a final standstill.  There’s a sense of impending doom and it is growing, you become obsessed with it, now it hangs over you like a great weight.  Indeed, the only sense you now have is doom –  you have seen your ending,  you know you cannot avoid it, this time it’s final, this night will last forever. Daylight for others may return, but you will hide from it.  You no longer belong in the land of the living. You outstayed your welcome there, for you, it is over.

Welcome! – Welcome to the land of the dead! – we are with you, as you are with us, be not afraid, soon you shall join us forever!