Just been on a shopping trip to Tesco, what a nightmare! People everywhere, practically bouncing off them trying to navigate the aisles, they got no celery and no thyme, couldn’t find my razors – can’t even remember what I’m meant to be looking for? Series 3 Gillette pro glide? Or was it 4 or 5? Everyones going oh yes, very nice, I like that, ooh, lovely! None of these people give a fuck about the immigrants in the concentration camps do they? Not interested – they want it back the 1950s, when everything was lovely – well, screw that! 

Anyhow, had enough of that, so went the the chemist over the road, found what looked like my razors, but you had to rip them from the rack, cos they secure them, so did that, then went to the queue – there’s about 8 people, and they’re not moving! Everyones waiting for their prescription – I got no time for that, I’d sooner grow a beard – so I put them back, I’m out of there.

I made this malt loaf, but it wouldn’t rise, its in the oven now, but it’ll probably just go straight to the bin, can’t get it right lately, I got the day off, so I did a quick picture on the Mac, hasn’t crashed, so will post later, after I do another one, featuring Melmoth, since I’m now reading the original from 1820, got to say, its damn good read, very inspiring! Anyhow, did that, then had to make a stew, so got that in the slow cooker, went shopping, (nightmare) Now had some soup, and some bread, settling back down at last to do my next picture – its been mania! 

Aha, malt loaf out the oven, its risen while its cooked – that was unexpected! It may actually be edible! Made bread yesterday, came out ok, but not got any air in it.

Oh yeah, had a really great dream last night! 😀

Supermarket browsing.

I’d got the radio on yesterday and they was having a quiz, and they played this – 

Well I recognised it right away, but I had to google, cos it was a long time since I heard that voice! My Dad used to listen to a lot of classical, I undoubtably heard her voice before – very distinctive. She’s a contralto, so her voce is quite low for a woman – pretty unique. So I thought I’d just pass that along for all you who like to hear something unusual.

Anyhow, we went off shopping, since you can’t do much else safely these days. And I was thinking hmm, I like club biscuits, I always see them on the shelf, but I never buy them, they got the fruit ones, with the sultans or currants or whatever, then they got the plain ones, and the orange ones or the mint ones. I’d quite like to have a mixed pack, I never buy them though. I don’t remember if they still do the mixed packs – oh yes, I like cheese biscuits too, and onions, those crispy onions are nice, and I’m really into eating those little dried out broad beans they do now with the salt and vinegar on, never thought they would be my thing, but I’m eating them all the time lately, I fancy an olive sometimes, or something with garlic, and a young woman, and I do enjoy a carrot, a big fat orange one!

Today, its the next day, so I drew a picture of the girl I saw, she was actually in the car park, driving by, she gave me such a look! I think we’re all feeling the strain non? I mean, today on the radio, they’re talking about all the kids gone back to university, and they only been back a week or so, and they all got Coronavirus, so they can’t go out, or have lessons or anything, its really messed up for them – for us all, what a crock!

Now then, oh yeah, I was thinking about this song by Phill Collins, the line “Down on my luck again” and I was thinking poor old Phill, so I googled that, and its actually a Genesis song, written by that Paul Rutherford, with help from Phill, so perhaps that explains it, its a good one!

Its driving him mad!! 😀 😀 

A Trip!

Greetings fellow bloggers – I know some of you have been struggling with the new editor, it hasn’t got me yet, as I’m just using the old online one so far, so I’m pretty much out of the loop on that one.

On Saturday, just gone, we went to London for a day trip to see the Aubrey Beardsley exhibition – a rare treat! What a drag its been, everything being closed, and no one able to go anywhere or do anything. This exhibition was due to start the day lockdown began, so it was closed after about 24hours, I thought we’d never get to see it, then they re-scheduled it, so we got tickets and went on a day trip. Here’s some photos I took. Aubrey Beardsley is an English graphic artist (1872-1898) contemporary of Oscar Wilde &co, so the art was a bit decadent at that time, Beardsley was particularly naughty with some of his stuff, considering how long ago and how prim and proper the Victorians were meant to be, they were pushing the boundaries, or perhaps being a bit secret and elitist? Perhaps its a forerunner for modernism? I mean, just kind of larking about a bit, being exclusive, and mocking the more general trends?

Anyhow, here’s one – this is really famous, “The Peacock Skirt”


This one is about Salome – I forget the title, his designs are fantastic!


I liked this one – amazing!


This one is so sweet!


Here’s a naughty one!


He had TB, and died at only 25, so we can forgive him for drawing great big penis’s occasionally? Heh,heh,

Anyhow, after that, we went to this other exhibition, while we were in town, it was about electronic music, so there was all this history of rave and dance house culture and so on. You had to bring along your own headphones, and plug them into all the exhibits to hear the sounds that went with each thing. It was pretty good actually. They had this music thing like this, you’ll have to see it, just scroll forward, and you’ll get the idea – this is someone else’s video, saves me uploading mine 🙂


Here’s my copy! 🙂

The Auction

I had this dream where I went to this auction to sell my stereo, I was hopeful to get a good price, but then it sold for just £40. So I was a bit disappointed, but I needed the money, so I was willing to accept it, what else could I do? Anyhow, when I went to talk to the auctioneer, he said well I’d advise you to hold on till later, the British public are a bit frivolous at the moment, and you might do better? Well I thought how can I do better? The guys won the bid, and its not really in my favour, so I was a bit confused. 

So anyhow, I went on to think about how hard life is and how we have to put up with all this crap about how we have to accept what we get and we don’t get any good stuff, and some people have got even less than others already struggling, and what a nightmare it all is how much people have to miss out on, how rigged the system is and all that stuff.

3 or 4 night later, I had another dream, this time I was at this big sale called Sybil Dever’s or something, and they had all this really great stuff, a lot of it was on racks really high up, but the prices were so good, and the quality was there, you just had to get this big pole with a hook to get the stuff down and have a look at it – I was really impressed with the whole thing as I’d never heard of it before – so it was pretty exciting. I think it was pretty sexy this whole thing about buying good stuff at good prices, and I thought back to my stereo which went for only £40. So I went back to the other dream and asked the auctioneer what he meant by all that about waiting for a better deal or whatever? Well he put my item back in the sale, and he was going going – anymore on this one? And this guy bid £50. and £60. And upwards, then finally the guy who originally had paid £40. Now coughed up £80 – so I was like how can this happen? 

Well the auctioneer was saying about how the public were in a frivolous mood, and I suppose he was right, cos now I’d doubled my odds, which doesn’t make much sense, since there was no reserve, but I was struck by how much fun it is – and I got to thinking, what if instead of being a guy who doesn’t like not having money, I could just be someone who has a whole lot of fun with other peoples money, as does an auctioneer? I mean, what is the true value of a thing? Who cares really, its whatever you can get people to pay, don’t go around thinking oh this guy has so much more than me, or why haven’t I got this or that, when everyone else has this or that, I mean I know its shit if you haven’t got anything, and we all need a bit of money to get by and all that, but what if you were the other guy who had loads of money, and just doesn’t really worry about people like you? You might have been that guy in another life, or if you had become an auctioneer early on, you might have a lot, or maybe not so much as all that, but you’d have seen a lot of people make a lot, or lose a lot, but it doesn’t really effect your own income, you’re just there watching it all. 

Well, I hope this clears up a few things for some or all of you – it certainly did for me! 😀 



R.E.M. stands for Rapid Eye Movement, which is what your eye does when you’re in deep sleep. I knew that after someone told me at some point or other, and I knew about the group REM from quite a few years before they were popular, but I didn’t really actually know anything about them, just that they existed from quite a way back in the 80s.

Well these guys moved into my flat, using the room next door for sleeping, there were three of them, when they first came and knocked on the door there were 2, I’d only expected one, since there was only one bed, but 2 turned up. There was a knock at the door, and there were these 2 guys, with eyes like saucers looking back at me, it made me laugh, cos they were obviously high on something as if I wouldn’t guess.

SO anyhow, they moved in, and this other guy just showed up at some point after that, so there were 3 in there, when they were home, which wasn’t that often. They were getting through an awful lot of ganja these guys, so much of it, I was higher than I’d been for a while just by knowing them – I guess they kept me sweet that way. So of course I was curious as to what made them tick, I liked music, and got chatting to one of the guys about that, he liked REM, he told me it stood for Rapid Eye Movement, and about how he liked these songs they do. So we got like really stoned, and he told me about how he’d been in this car accident, the car had rolled on this road I know quite well, and how he’d had to have a false heel done in an operation, around which point I just fell asleep for a bit, it was probably 4 am or something, those guys used to come into the flat at way past 2, and doss down – 3 of them in a room meant for one, so I’m meeting my neighbors, and I’m trying to stay awake, and when I wake up he’s showing me his foot, he’s got his sock off and his heel is like white, cos its some sort of plastic insert, pretty freaky, – then I wake up again, and I’m like fuck this I got to go to bed, and he’s like “you want it don’t you?” I’m thinking WTAF? Its another misunderstanding, I completely forgot whatever the subject was. He said well that’s where I want to be – I liked him, he knew where he wanted to be. Maybe this song was in my mind? I have no idea, I was totally confused! Don’t Go Back to Rockville,

I really can’t remember – they all thought I hated them for a while, and I did off and on, cos of course you do when you live with someone, there was another couple of guys living in the flat at the time, quite a few people came and went, it would have been more fun if they’d paid the bills and contributed to the running of things a bit more, know what I mean?

I quite like this one about Wild Heaven

Fucking beatniks! LOL I do remember this one – Pop Song 89

Could be from years later for all I’d know, I don’t really remember that much from that time, things got a bit frustrating, there were some other guys sleeping in the front room, this guy had such cheesy feet, I have no idea where he came from, but he drove me nearly insane – I don’t need some guy with stinky feet in my kitchen every morning for weeks on end, it don’t matter how high one is, that just doesn’t work for me – no way!

Looking at the dates, I’m talking about the 80s, but I’m thinking more like the mid to late 90s, so maybe I got it all wrong, could have easily been a throwback. I remember this one – Radio Song

I’m just wondering what REM songs I knew at that time when I told that guy I quite liked REM? I have no real idea what was going on at that time, I’d lost my mind in an incident involving magic mushrooms a year or 2 before, anyway, I liked this guy, he knew what he wanted, or where he wanted to be or whatever. Anyhow, they all moved out, in a bit of a hurry to do with cops and the law or whatever. Love this song, it definitley wasn’t out at that time, cos I remember hearing it later – (I think) – such a classic! What’s the Frequency Kenneth!

There was a knock at the door, and there were these 2 guys, with eyes like saucers looking back at me, it made me laugh, cos they were obviously high on something as if I wouldn’t guess. SO anyhow, they moved in . . .


[Edit] – I just want to add, R.E.M. are such an amazing band! I went into my collection and found so many good songs on this various collection I’d got. Its just got me floored how good they were – I added a few tracks, check it out,


I only really play them from time to time, its not really my thing, and yet when I do, I go nuts! Its brilliant!! I’m only really interested in the hits, but there’s so many, writing this blog reminded me of the missing songs I needed – its just refreshed my admiration all over again! 😀


This guy! I seen him a few times in Sheffield, they don’t have that scene like they used to – about a decade ago it was pretty busy, now they play Manchester – or don’t come to the UK at all, just London, but Sheffield was pretty happening 10 years or so ago, you could see at least half a dozen industrial dance bands a year there.

Faderhead played a few times, I signed up for the newsletter and got some very interesting insights into his music career – he’s called Sammy, and he’s a good guy! One time when I saw them, I was surprised to see he had fans, with actual Faderhead T-shirts! Well, why not? They were pretty good!

Anyway, here’s a 10 min doc to bring you up to speed! 🙂

Poets & t-shirts

I heard of Anne Clark before, and was sort of aware of what she does, but only really looked into it properly when I heard she got cancer and had to cancel her current tour. Strange how the C word always gets my attention like that. I started researching her now, seems to be pretty good!

Here she is doing Sleeper in Metropolis, with lyrics like 

Dreams become entangled in the system

The city, a wasting disease

The harder we fight, the higher the wall

It all seems relevant to now – re. Covid

Sleeper in Metropolis

Our Darkness


Oh and here’s her new song just out!

Community of the Spirit

I was just browsing T-shirts yesterday, (1707 products)  and I didn’t like any of them as much as the worn out one I’m already wearing –

I’m looking for something that says I’m not actually working class, but rather more lower middle class, likes indie music, might take drugs, probably doesn’t, but don’t assume I wouldn’t, so possibly might be unsafe? A bit dangerous, but definitely not nasty – probably not a fag, but just might be, perhaps just a bit of a namby-pamby, but that don’t mean not psycho. might be a bit of a nutter? Know what I mean? I can live with that.

This is the shirt I’m wearing, 


(it used to be green but its faded) As you can see, its nondescript, its like a flower, or some fruit in cross section, almost a mandala, but not – cos I’m not into religion, but I do dig it, ya get me? I’m esoteric!

I don’t like football shirts, and I don’t want to be advertising my love of the armed forces or the national ideal, I’m against all of that. I’m all about the love, but I don’t want anyone to actually try to make love to me, that would be horrid.

I don’t want to wear a shirt with a logo on it, definitely not. I don’t like shirts with messages on them, I don’t want to advertise anything, I don’t like skinhead wear, cos of its associations, and I don’t really like collar shirts, or buttons & or cufflinks obvs.

Didn’t buy a new shirt in the end! (I got loads anyhow)

My friend made me a mask!


Tune in next time to find my erogenous zones in the age of social distancing. 🙂

Painful truths:

I have always been a labour voter, not necessarily from family tradition, but something I picked up from family friends and so on growing up. I was raised in an area that was pretty much Conservative, though sometimes the left got a hand in, such as during the Blair years, but that was moderate compared to most of left wing history. So anyhow, now I live in the north, a traditional Labour held area, and has been since forever – but no more – I live in Barnsley, where giant industry used to mean people voted labour, simply because they had clout as long as they belonged to a union and voted labour, but that has all changed here, nowadays everyone works in small firms, same as they did in the area I came from, and because of that, there is little to no union influence or power. Not to mention the global economy has sent manufacturing overseas. I still believe in Left wing politics, simply because I don’t like greedy unfettered capitalism, which is where Conservative right wing views always head.

Anyhow, so today when on a shopping trip, I decided to wear a mask, just to try to demonstrate my willingness not to spread the Covid germs, but 99% of the people queuing outside the shops were without masks, some even looked at me as if I was being feeble – the mask is there for your protection, more so than my own, but there you go, being an idiot!

So anyhow, as we set off in the car I saw a bumper sticker that read “Be Brave! Be Bold! Be Brexit!” Well, that just says it all – you know that while we still have a labour MP here, they are only still holding the seat because the right wing vote was split by their own side, the Brexit party and the conservatives cheated themselves out of winning – if they had been one right wing united party, they’d have easily won here. The thing is, these people are not die hard leftists after all, they never believed in socialism or understood the true meaning, they voted for whatever seemed best for them at the time, and now they think Brexit is a solution. These are the sort of people who are used to the idea that if you hit something hard enough, you’ll succeed – hence the Brave Bold Brexit strategy! What to do when faced with a global viral pandemic? Hit it Hard! Get the hammer, and give it a bang! Square pegs, round holes? Bigger Hammer! 

It’s confusing for me, cos I always thought people who voted to the left, were nicer than people who voted to the right, but now I’m thinking, most people have no loyalty – or else its because the times have changed, so much so that no one believes in anything anymore, its just everyman for himself? Really, I don’t think things are that bad, people think Brexit might make things better, and if it doesn’t, the left shall return. People are tired of seeing homeless folk on the streets, and under funded this and that, or else they just want to feel like their opinions matter, that they have some control over things. Well lets see how it all goes?


Utter Drivel!

When I was younger I really only liked music that made me want to jump up and down! LOL What on earth kind of music does that to a person? – something like this!

Loved that! Today I just listened to my 3 album selection of Talk Talk which is exceptional good, another of those 80s groups I kind of overlooked back then was Duran Duran – this song seems to be saying just what I’m thinking today.

I thought this was gonna be Durn Duran too, but its not, its Aha!

Whats better than Duran Duran or Aha? Well, of course its Duran Duran Duran! 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂