Its nearly Christmas!!!!

Things get a bit weird at this time of yr, what with the whole Disney Xmas thing, everyone seems to be quite happy to get involved, and I do enjoy it all, I’m not a Grinch!

One thing I do like about Xmas, is the spooky stories on tv, its tradition here to watch a ghost story on the telly at some point, I think it goes quite well with the darkness and to be sat by the fire, in the warm,  thinking about some poor soul out there in the cold dark night experiencing some dreadful ordeal, it will usually take place in some traditional form, I suppose a prime example would be Dickens A Christmas Carol, you know the one with Ebenezer Scrooge? And Jacob Marley – I know it well, poor old Marley, he drags the chain of his former sinful life behind him in the afterlife – in one tv adaption his face was on the door knocker, it gave me a bit of a fright as a child!

Anyhow, thats one of my memories, and I think its true to say for Brits, before recent times, the annual spooky time of the yr was more likely Xmas than halloween, as well as A Christmas Carol being on, there would be a late night story, told from an old leather chair, which would venture out into the world of the psycho-phenomenal, perhaps a story about an evil presence, a visitation from the dark shadowed trees yonder, involving lascivious behaviour, honour, sex, madness, and death!

Well I for one look forward to that!

I have the film Crimson Peak on DVD, I hope to make time to sit down and watch that at some point over the holiday period.

During this week, I have been listening to some odd music I found online, you might want to check out Alta Fox – Verna Stigmata


Or, if you fancy something lighter, Julius Vincent – Gate 24


I hope we all have a Merry Christmas! And if its not Merry as such, you enjoy it however you choose XXX


I was trying to remember the name of the guy who played Dracula in all the old hammer horror films.


I don’t know why, I can’t remember the reason, I just know I should know this, I watched enough of them over the years, its staple diet for discerning horror fans, I just don’t know why, but I can never remember his name – I want to say Peter Cushing, or Vincent Price, but thats ridiculous! I know who Vincent Price is, and I know Peter Cushing was the guy who staked the vamps, so why can’t I remember the name of the guy who played Gandalf, I mean Saruman, and Dracula! Vince Cable Oh god no! It was Christopher Lee for gods sake! Yeah!  It was in the left part of my brain, to the left and slightly down from Peter Cushing, further back, I can pinpoint exactly where in my brain he resides,  – you know when you try to recall something you forgot, behind your eyes you go wandering, in the 3 dimensions, up, down, sideways, trying to locate that info, I feel my inner eye, looking, searching, conscious attention moving around, like rummaging through a library. I wonder if they did a brain scan, if the actual areas I’m describing, are the actual ones lighting up electrons? How big is the brain? Is it the size of the skull, or is it like a tardis, bigger on the inside than out? Do memories reside in the brain like a filling system, or out in the world?  – Tony Visconti, who he? Andrea Papadopoulos? Aaron Gearhart, Eleanor Rigby, Ashley Maddison and Barbara Stanwyck, what is the difference between Lorraine Kelly and Lorraine Chase? Why and how are these connections linked, and how on earth do I ever get anything done when there is so much pointless nonsense going on in my brain?