“It’s A Sin”

I was watching that “It’s A Sin” on tv last night and it got me thinking about my experience of that time. Back then you couldn’t just wave your erection in the car window like you can now – seriously, one still can’t wave ones erection, you couldn’t then, and you can’t now – never could! Believe me, I’ve tried!

That is the nature of homosexuality, its not really something you take up lightly, or maybe you do? What do I know? 

Last week, I was compiling the jobs I was at between about 1980, and around 92’ – I had over 22 jobs!  I wasn’t in some line of work where you just move around a lot, I would just get a job, get fed up with it, and go and get another job somewhere else – I was certainly a bit of a miss-fit. If I felt the job was dead end and going nowhere, I’d leave – I tried to settle, but never could – they’d call me the wanderer! 🙂

Hmm, thats not very gay is it? Its a fantasy, I didn’t wander around with my two fists of iron and get loads of women, I would have liked to, but as I say, that’s mere fantasy.

I probably got loads of stories about all these workplaces, memories of people and places and so on, but ultimately, it was a waste of time! 

The last of the 22 jobs fell through, and I knew I wasn’t very happy living the way I did, so I took a year or 2 out to get stoned, then went to college to do art. It was great, because I was about 28 or 30, and at a dead impasse, and this was like a second chance – I hated school when I was younger, but now I wanted it – the teaching was good, and interesting, and I was surrounded by young girls, pretty ones, the best of the bunch tend to like art, so there I was, sat down by the river, surrounded by these girls, you can never have too many girls, no one cared if you were gay or straight, it was a good time IMO.

After that, I went and did a degree, and did well on that too, and got teaching quals, I thought maybe I’d get a better job, but also, at the same time I’d been doing some cleaning work for the council to help pay for my education. In the end, I just carried on with the council job, and I have been there for 20 years or so now – the job is rubbish, but I’m not really interested in teaching or getting more money, I have enough to pay for paints and stuff, and I don’t really care about selling art or being successful at that either. I was talking to someone about it the other day, and she said its because I don’t have kids. She’s probably right, if you don’t have to have them, why would you? 

Getting back to the gay thing, I don’t fancy blokes as a rule, I’d sooner fuck a woman than a guy any day, and yet this never seems to “cut it” with women. I don’t think I shall ever understand them. I actually feel that I understand them very well, but I don’t know them in the way that I ought in order to be a classical straight man – do classical straight men know anything? Anything at all? They seem a bit Neanderthal to me, I like it, I think its great, to react like a reflex – must be amazing! I’m too damn philosophical, thats my problem. 😦 

A couple of stories!

I wrote these 2 pieces on my phone at work during down time, one is a true story, the other a partial fantasy, I wonder if you can guess which is which!

Content Warning – Sex + Projectile vomiting

In 1981, the gov pulled the plug on the funding for my apprenticeship and I ended up on the dole along with a load of others –  the only job I could find was working at a scrap yard – it was the worst job I ever had in my entire life, and the pay was crap too! £1. An hour!  I found myself literally, metaphorically, and any other way you like, “on the scrap heap!”

We used to sort all this smashed up metal from cars that were torn apart by this huge machine, there was Colin, who’d been in the army, and Chris who’d been in the navy, there was little Lenny, a black kid who was only 16, his mum used to come and pick him up after work. Then there was Ivor, a psychopathic crane driver, and the foreman, who we called Selwyn Froggit, cos he looked like the TV character of that name.  Selwyn was a big tough looking guy, he wore a donkey jacket tied at the middle with string – one time he overheard one of the guys refer to him as Selwyn, he just said “If I ever hear you say that again, I’ll splatter your snot-box” I suppose you could say he was good at conflict resolution, good leadership skills – follow me, or else! 

The lads there used to call me Tojo, after the Japanese emperor – yeah, I never heard of him either, I was pretty mad about my being stuck in that job, but I got to know a few people better and I suppose it was ok.

 At Xmas, the lads were planning to go for a drink after work on the last day, so I got the bus to work, cos I knew I was going to be having a few, I think it was meant to be a bit of a party in the pub, I don’t know if it was organised or just off the cuff, but everyone was talking about it all week looking forward to it.

So we got to this pub, it was a big old cottage style of pub, old oak beams, that sort of place, really cosy, especially at Xmas, really busy & bustling with merry makers, quite good really. It was probably snowing too, it was a cold winter that year, I do remember there being a lot of snow around at that time, so it was warm and cosy in the pub & I was glad I’d turned out for it.

I was only 17, so technically not old enough to drink, (it’s 18 here in the UK for booze) but most pubs were fairly relaxed, no one ever asked for ID back then, it was “yeas, you can have a drink”, or it’s “no, get out!” I don’t remember any trouble at the bar, I expect the older guys got the drinks & brought them back to the table to save problems, of course I’d have been happy with that, it wasn’t every day I could have a few beers in a pub without having to worry about rules & regulations.

So anyway, there we were at our table, in this packed out pub, probably 4 or 5 of us at the table & about 7+ pints and some glasses of vodka and whisky & you name it, crisps & wot not.  Lenny always got a lot of stick, cos he was so young,  People kept trying to spike his drinks, but he wasn’t having it, I think he just drank some shandy or something. I was low on funds, so I drank Lenny’s since he didn’t want it, and pretty soon I was really drunk. Someone told me Lenny’s drink had at least 3 or 4 vodkas in it, guys kept dropping by our table with another double vodka for Lenny, it all ended up in this spare pint that no one but a complete fool would drink.  So I thought well that’s a bargain from where I’m sitting!  After a while I realised I was really badly seriously drunk, I had the notion I might projectile vomit over everyone at any moment, so it was about time I was leaving, so I had a couple more swigs for the road and told the guys I was going outside for some fresh air and that I may be some time.

I had to walk from the pub at Flitwick to the next village of Ampthill to catch the bus home, it was a couple of miles, so I staggered along the path there, you know when you look out the car window and you see some guy staggering about blind drunk and you go, ha, ha, look at that guy! Well, that guy was me! It was me!!

You have to stay really focussed when your in that situation, staying upright is the prime objective, moving in the right direction, not getting lost or run over are also priorities, but finally, I emerged from my bleary state actually at the bus stop. I was actually very surprised and pleased with myself to have made it without falling over, being arrested, or run over or anything, this was my link back to reality. I read the bus timetable and seeing as there was a pub there I decided to go into the pub and get warm while I waited.

So anyhow, I walked in, and every head turns, as they do in locals & you’re not one of them. So I stride up to the bar and order a coke, I know my limits, or I had done some hours earlier, ya know, before? So I get this coke, and take a sip, suddenly something inside ruptures, so I casually (but quite fast) go back outside and vomit copiously, and I’m thinking, ah, that’s got it! Now, where’s that coke gone? I needed a mouthwash – so I go back to the pub door, and they locked it! So I’m thinking, that’s odd, maybe it’s closing time already? So I try the other door, and that’s locked too! I could see through the windows they were all still inside, how strange!  I guess they didn’t want some guy in the bar who was totally and utterly blotto drunk.

In the end, I just had to wait outside for the bus. When we all returned to work after Xmas there were a lot of stories about how everyone got well and truly plastered, those were good times! Good old days, pubs weren’t for family meals back then, if you went to a pub, you expect to get drunk! Well I did anyhow!


Second Story (unrelated)

As I sat on the small leather sofa outside her office, getting my papers in order for what would be a substantial meeting, I knew we had a lot of ground to cover. She was a  respected professional, I had no qualms about going to her when I was overwhelmed, she was my favourite of all those at the institute, but I couldn’t hardly care any less about this world of work, in the back of my mind our secrets revealed the futility of our endeavours in this life.

She had talked about having an experience, I was unsure what she meant by that, but I liked the sound of it, I liked the sound of her voice, and the way she carried herself, I liked her clothes, her lips, her eyes, her long legs, her hair, her arms, her breasts, her shoes, I liked her coat, I liked her everything.

Her husband came out the office and said “are you next?” An  uncontrollable smirk overcame my  face as I said yes, I almost laughed out loud, he looked like a prick to me, he dressed flash, like Don Johnson in Miami Vice – I didn’t watch shit like that, I was coming from a much darker place, they both knew it, it was written all over me, I did not belong here, no one knew what the hell I was doing in this place, everyone thought I would fail massively, people kept their distance from me, but not these two, they seemed to have some sort of faith in the arts and artists.  I wasn’t comfortable being there, I just blagged  my way through life with no real purpose, there is no purpose, did you know?

She called me to come inside, her office was the best in the whole place, top floor, quite small, it was furnished more like a spare room, with all sorts of antique furnishings. The view over the hills was stunning, I remarked you could see the weather coming in from 10 miles, she warmed to my enthusiasm and said how she loved this place, I imagined this view was perhaps worth dying for, she impressed me, everything about her told me she was the best, and yet, somehow I knew she was seeking something more, or ought to be, with a mind like hers.

We got our boxes of papers out and set about ticking boxes, filling forms and so on. I looked at her  intently, as she moved her pen down along the row of boxes, signing off at the foot of each page, I thought about kissing her where her knickers leave a mark on her inner thighs, following down over her legs, down too her feet, her ankles, slipping her shoes off, my mind drifting as the sun was going down behind her.

I reached out and put my hand on hers, and her pen stopped moving instantly.  I leaned in and brushed my lips over hers, inhaling her breath, I passed by her cheek and gently kissed her ear, moving my fingers through her hair. She was putty in my hands, as I turned her face towards mine our eyes met. She flicked her eyes down and back up to mine, as if to say, okay, we’re going to do this.

I had both her hands in mine as we rose from our seats and began to kiss deeply, she was as passionate as I had imagined, the kissing and touching of hands on arms and shoulders as she came around the desk to meet me on my side of the desk was graceful and almost balletic.  I passed my hands down over her hips as she bumped herself up onto the desk, I didn’t want to cramp her style and I stood back while I slipped out of my jeans and underwear. She shook out her hair and slipped her shoulders out of her dress, she was beautiful, in her prime I would say. 

I brushed some delicate shift she wore  from her shoulders, it fell from her easily, she was now naked from the waist up, I mumbled “your husband” as I moved in on her, and she said “don’t worry” as she began to stroke my tool which  soon grew to some enormous size.

 I approached her meekly, my respect for this woman was inestimable. She pulled me towards her, grasping across my back while she gripped my hips with her vice like  thighs, we kissed some more before her hand reached my cock, guiding me inside of her. Apparently, she wasn’t wearing knickers after all.

She put her hands behind her on the desk for support, throwing her head back and rocking gently on my shaft, it seemed this was the way in which she intended to consume me.

We met once more, a night of feasting, drinking and passion, a tiny room above a pub out in the sticks, honestly it was heavenly, she was a fast lady, from what I could tell, her husband was some kind of afterthought in her scheme, I suspect there are many others like her, I just wish on my star that I may find them out.

Night out with Dave Buckowski?

Dave worked on the building sites, he was chronically depressed, I knew that, because I was too. He knew I understood. Everyone was chronically depressed, if you weren’t chronically depressed, you weren’t real, or you weren’t worth knowing.

I don’t know where he lived, and I didn’t care either, and I knew he didn’t care for sure. We always met in the Black Tom area of town, it’s just a couple of hundred houses and a pub. 

Things swung in Black Tom, believe me, you could get fixed up there, no questions were asked, and no answers were ever offered. 

Black Tom was where you spent the last of your cash, you know the phrase time to Cash it in? Down there you cash it in, and out, and in, and out, if you know what I mean? No actual cash was involved, if there was, no one knew where it all went, a bottomless pit, an un-fillable hole, a hole so deep, with so much gone down, it’s unclear if anything real exists outside of Black Tom.

There was a lot of hot blood flowing in town, but it was cold blood I was looking for, and I knew I’d find it down in Black Tom.

Deals were struck in Black Tom just by showing up, scores were settled, the past avenged, the politics of the knife in the back, it goes on – you could get your future aniahalted, annulled, for another day, week, year, what do you need? Do you know?

She danced alone, she hadn’t much to lose, whatever it was, she wanted rid of it, forever.

Baby got a lot of heart, or she did have, till she lost it, so she went down in Black Tom, got lost there for a while, but don’t ever look back, not in Black Tom, no one looks back, and no one looks forward, don’t ever admit to that – if you do, you don’t belong in Black Tom. It’s not a place for girls with a lot of heart.

If you check your heart and find it wanting, just go down in Black Tom, don’t go there if you have anything real left, if you do, you’re a fool, a real fool, when you go down in Black Tom, you don’t ever come back.

She danced alone, then she disappeared.
Gonna get along without you now

A Trip!

Greetings fellow bloggers – I know some of you have been struggling with the new editor, it hasn’t got me yet, as I’m just using the old online one so far, so I’m pretty much out of the loop on that one.

On Saturday, just gone, we went to London for a day trip to see the Aubrey Beardsley exhibition – a rare treat! What a drag its been, everything being closed, and no one able to go anywhere or do anything. This exhibition was due to start the day lockdown began, so it was closed after about 24hours, I thought we’d never get to see it, then they re-scheduled it, so we got tickets and went on a day trip. Here’s some photos I took. Aubrey Beardsley is an English graphic artist (1872-1898) contemporary of Oscar Wilde &co, so the art was a bit decadent at that time, Beardsley was particularly naughty with some of his stuff, considering how long ago and how prim and proper the Victorians were meant to be, they were pushing the boundaries, or perhaps being a bit secret and elitist? Perhaps its a forerunner for modernism? I mean, just kind of larking about a bit, being exclusive, and mocking the more general trends?

Anyhow, here’s one – this is really famous, “The Peacock Skirt”


This one is about Salome – I forget the title, his designs are fantastic!


I liked this one – amazing!


This one is so sweet!


Here’s a naughty one!


He had TB, and died at only 25, so we can forgive him for drawing great big penis’s occasionally? Heh,heh,

Anyhow, after that, we went to this other exhibition, while we were in town, it was about electronic music, so there was all this history of rave and dance house culture and so on. You had to bring along your own headphones, and plug them into all the exhibits to hear the sounds that went with each thing. It was pretty good actually. They had this music thing like this, you’ll have to see it, just scroll forward, and you’ll get the idea – this is someone else’s video, saves me uploading mine 🙂


Here’s my copy! 🙂

Down the Pub!

Content Warning – swearing Level 5

So, we went for this walk round a park and garden, and it was very nice and all that, but because of the covid restrictions parts of the garden were closed, and the queues were long if you wanted to do anything, everyone was socially distancing, so on the way out of there I was thinking back to better times, and I thought of something I don’t often think back to. It took me a moment to link the feeling to the place, then it flooded back to me.

When I turned 18, I was old enough to go to the pub and legally buy alcohol, so that soon became a regular habit. The pub had 3 bars, the lounge bar was populated by families, but we weren’t really welcome in there, and the middle bar, or smoking room was for old men, they played dominoes and read the paper, they certainly didn’t want us, then there was the public bar, which was packed with young men, all swearing and getting drunk, and swearing! Did I mention the swearing? All you heard was fucking hell, Jesus, bastards, cunt, wanker this and fucking that! 

I liked the Juke box, Madness were in the charts, and in the air too!

Madness – House of Fun

Looking back, I now suspect that many of the guys weren’t so dedicated to the lifestyle as they made out, I mean, they were doing the swearing part, but not so much the drinking – a lot of guys said they’d had 8 pints, when really they’d only have 3 or 4, I myself was quite competitive, and very often I would drink and drink until I puked! Oh the puking! The vomit that never ended! And yet, as I look back on it now, in these days of covid and I recall the warmth and joy of 30 guys shoulder to shoulder – drinking, swearing, and just being quite moronicly happy!

When you walked down the pub,  it was cold and dark outside, but the pub was all warm and fuzzy, with the light at the windows, and all the guys inside going, oh yeah, the cunt was a fucking blah blah bollocks this and that the fucking bell end etc!

Anyhow, I was just thinking how funny and strange we all were with our fowl grown up language, and the way we all agreed that swearing profusely was the way forward, and it was! It really was! You could go pretty far like that in a night, you could walk in and just start with the swearing, and before long you’d forgot whatever the fuck was on your tiny mind, cos you were drunk, and you were swearing with the other guys down the pub! Baby you arrived, you got it man, you fucking got it! No cunts going to stop you swearing your fucking dumb bastard bollocks off your ball sack! 

Well that was all quite uncalled for, I mean really, I was hardly going to be working on my sensitive side in a place like that. It was the most outrageous place in the village, it was the only outrageous place really.  We sure had some fun.

Every new year, we’d do auld Lang syne across the road, the pub was located on a Y junction, so everyone would pile outside, link up hands and sing, blocking any traffic, then we’d all run into a bunch group & run back out, drunk as a bunch of lunatics! Very convivial, especially if there were no fights! 

Sometimes a female would come in, but then they’d soon realise it wasn’t for them, usually after about 30 seconds or a minute,  I don’t really remember any women coming in or actually making the mistake of buying a drink, it was pretty obviously a bear pit. Some guys brought their girlfriends into the pub, it seemed to me to have the same effect on them that it did on me, it was a fun place, but for every girl there were 10 guys, so God knows their experience can hardly have been the same as ours.

I don’t think we swore so much when the girls were in, swearing wasn’t all that really, just that as I recall, the pub was mostly about swearing & getting hammered! Lol

Every few months the Juke box would be updated with new songs, there were loads of old country songs on there the older guys would put on, as the years went by it seemed to me the new music wasn’t so good as it had been. Perhaps that’s just something to do with growing up and nostalgia, but plundering the older section I found the song Race with the Devil by Gun , I gave that a few spins – seemed to go good with a forth or fifth pint of best slosh!

Gun – Race with the Devil


When you get to a certain age you find yourself looking back on things rather than forward too. Oh, you still look forward to things of course, like this or that adventure, but you know its not going to blow your mind or change your whole world outlook – as things did when you were younger. Likewise, you see younger people thinking oh wow, I just had this or that epiphany, and you just think, oh yeah, I did that too! Did the world really change, or was it just you and I?

The world does change, and it changes for the better, as well as for the worse – so its tricky to say exactly where we’re all heading.  I don’t want to say what younger people are going through is definitely just the same old thing we all went through, because it really is changing, as are the borders and frontlines and so on. 

Anyhow, I found this article, in the TLS, about “The problem of men writing about sex” It got me thinking about the books I read, and those I avoid really, and how different it might have been if I had studied English Literature at school when I was younger, instead of opting for just leaving school at 16, and finding my own way. 


On second thoughts, I think it might be better to steer away from literature that tries to be too clever! (a great article though)

Check out this by Simply Red – Stars – he’s bonkers! His music is really dreadful, I never liked this sort of thing, I always liked Mick Hucknall’s voice! Amazing!  And anyhow, I’d quite like to fall from the stars straight into your arms, sounds ok to me! Hope you comprehend! 😀 😀 


I’m on a roll – here’s another song! Fiction Factory – Feels like Heaven! 😀 😀


Hope everyones ok BTW – had a terrible few days, really down & depressed, got 3 pairs of jeans today, retail therapy! Feel so much better! Weird! 😀

The Auction

I had this dream where I went to this auction to sell my stereo, I was hopeful to get a good price, but then it sold for just £40. So I was a bit disappointed, but I needed the money, so I was willing to accept it, what else could I do? Anyhow, when I went to talk to the auctioneer, he said well I’d advise you to hold on till later, the British public are a bit frivolous at the moment, and you might do better? Well I thought how can I do better? The guys won the bid, and its not really in my favour, so I was a bit confused. 

So anyhow, I went on to think about how hard life is and how we have to put up with all this crap about how we have to accept what we get and we don’t get any good stuff, and some people have got even less than others already struggling, and what a nightmare it all is how much people have to miss out on, how rigged the system is and all that stuff.

3 or 4 night later, I had another dream, this time I was at this big sale called Sybil Dever’s or something, and they had all this really great stuff, a lot of it was on racks really high up, but the prices were so good, and the quality was there, you just had to get this big pole with a hook to get the stuff down and have a look at it – I was really impressed with the whole thing as I’d never heard of it before – so it was pretty exciting. I think it was pretty sexy this whole thing about buying good stuff at good prices, and I thought back to my stereo which went for only £40. So I went back to the other dream and asked the auctioneer what he meant by all that about waiting for a better deal or whatever? Well he put my item back in the sale, and he was going going – anymore on this one? And this guy bid £50. and £60. And upwards, then finally the guy who originally had paid £40. Now coughed up £80 – so I was like how can this happen? 

Well the auctioneer was saying about how the public were in a frivolous mood, and I suppose he was right, cos now I’d doubled my odds, which doesn’t make much sense, since there was no reserve, but I was struck by how much fun it is – and I got to thinking, what if instead of being a guy who doesn’t like not having money, I could just be someone who has a whole lot of fun with other peoples money, as does an auctioneer? I mean, what is the true value of a thing? Who cares really, its whatever you can get people to pay, don’t go around thinking oh this guy has so much more than me, or why haven’t I got this or that, when everyone else has this or that, I mean I know its shit if you haven’t got anything, and we all need a bit of money to get by and all that, but what if you were the other guy who had loads of money, and just doesn’t really worry about people like you? You might have been that guy in another life, or if you had become an auctioneer early on, you might have a lot, or maybe not so much as all that, but you’d have seen a lot of people make a lot, or lose a lot, but it doesn’t really effect your own income, you’re just there watching it all. 

Well, I hope this clears up a few things for some or all of you – it certainly did for me! 😀 



R.E.M. stands for Rapid Eye Movement, which is what your eye does when you’re in deep sleep. I knew that after someone told me at some point or other, and I knew about the group REM from quite a few years before they were popular, but I didn’t really actually know anything about them, just that they existed from quite a way back in the 80s.

Well these guys moved into my flat, using the room next door for sleeping, there were three of them, when they first came and knocked on the door there were 2, I’d only expected one, since there was only one bed, but 2 turned up. There was a knock at the door, and there were these 2 guys, with eyes like saucers looking back at me, it made me laugh, cos they were obviously high on something as if I wouldn’t guess.

SO anyhow, they moved in, and this other guy just showed up at some point after that, so there were 3 in there, when they were home, which wasn’t that often. They were getting through an awful lot of ganja these guys, so much of it, I was higher than I’d been for a while just by knowing them – I guess they kept me sweet that way. So of course I was curious as to what made them tick, I liked music, and got chatting to one of the guys about that, he liked REM, he told me it stood for Rapid Eye Movement, and about how he liked these songs they do. So we got like really stoned, and he told me about how he’d been in this car accident, the car had rolled on this road I know quite well, and how he’d had to have a false heel done in an operation, around which point I just fell asleep for a bit, it was probably 4 am or something, those guys used to come into the flat at way past 2, and doss down – 3 of them in a room meant for one, so I’m meeting my neighbors, and I’m trying to stay awake, and when I wake up he’s showing me his foot, he’s got his sock off and his heel is like white, cos its some sort of plastic insert, pretty freaky, – then I wake up again, and I’m like fuck this I got to go to bed, and he’s like “you want it don’t you?” I’m thinking WTAF? Its another misunderstanding, I completely forgot whatever the subject was. He said well that’s where I want to be – I liked him, he knew where he wanted to be. Maybe this song was in my mind? I have no idea, I was totally confused! Don’t Go Back to Rockville,

I really can’t remember – they all thought I hated them for a while, and I did off and on, cos of course you do when you live with someone, there was another couple of guys living in the flat at the time, quite a few people came and went, it would have been more fun if they’d paid the bills and contributed to the running of things a bit more, know what I mean?

I quite like this one about Wild Heaven

Fucking beatniks! LOL I do remember this one – Pop Song 89

Could be from years later for all I’d know, I don’t really remember that much from that time, things got a bit frustrating, there were some other guys sleeping in the front room, this guy had such cheesy feet, I have no idea where he came from, but he drove me nearly insane – I don’t need some guy with stinky feet in my kitchen every morning for weeks on end, it don’t matter how high one is, that just doesn’t work for me – no way!

Looking at the dates, I’m talking about the 80s, but I’m thinking more like the mid to late 90s, so maybe I got it all wrong, could have easily been a throwback. I remember this one – Radio Song

I’m just wondering what REM songs I knew at that time when I told that guy I quite liked REM? I have no real idea what was going on at that time, I’d lost my mind in an incident involving magic mushrooms a year or 2 before, anyway, I liked this guy, he knew what he wanted, or where he wanted to be or whatever. Anyhow, they all moved out, in a bit of a hurry to do with cops and the law or whatever. Love this song, it definitley wasn’t out at that time, cos I remember hearing it later – (I think) – such a classic! What’s the Frequency Kenneth!

There was a knock at the door, and there were these 2 guys, with eyes like saucers looking back at me, it made me laugh, cos they were obviously high on something as if I wouldn’t guess. SO anyhow, they moved in . . .


[Edit] – I just want to add, R.E.M. are such an amazing band! I went into my collection and found so many good songs on this various collection I’d got. Its just got me floored how good they were – I added a few tracks, check it out,


I only really play them from time to time, its not really my thing, and yet when I do, I go nuts! Its brilliant!! I’m only really interested in the hits, but there’s so many, writing this blog reminded me of the missing songs I needed – its just refreshed my admiration all over again! 😀


This guy! I seen him a few times in Sheffield, they don’t have that scene like they used to – about a decade ago it was pretty busy, now they play Manchester – or don’t come to the UK at all, just London, but Sheffield was pretty happening 10 years or so ago, you could see at least half a dozen industrial dance bands a year there.

Faderhead played a few times, I signed up for the newsletter and got some very interesting insights into his music career – he’s called Sammy, and he’s a good guy! One time when I saw them, I was surprised to see he had fans, with actual Faderhead T-shirts! Well, why not? They were pretty good!

Anyway, here’s a 10 min doc to bring you up to speed! 🙂